Exercise and creativity

Yeah, we all know exercise helps creativity, don’t we? More oxygen to the brain and extra endorphins and all that.

But sometimes i forget how much exercise helps. Like tonight for instance.

Lemme give some context first.

Most of today was a real ‘i hate writing, i suck at it, why do i even bother’ sorta day. I’ve been struggling all week with stomach and digestion issues and the kicker came late last night when i got a rejection for a story that included the personal note ‘It’s written well but the storyline is a bit “been there, done that, wrote on the t-shirt”.’ Now, i realize (and i realized at the time, too) that the note — from one of the slush-readers — was not intended to be snarky, just humorous. But, given my physical and emotional state, it really hit me in the gut (not as bad as some of the stomach troubles had been hitting me, and no, you didn’t need to know that :D). This is a story that i know for a fact has almost sold to three other very highly respected markets (it’s been on sub for near 18 months and that was only the 7th market it’s been to), so i should’a just taken that reader’s opinion with a shrug and a ‘well, i know it’s good,’ right?

Yeah, should’a, could’a but didn’t’a.

Unfortunately it dropped me into the typical writer’s spiral that i detailed above. And, so, today i moped around, watched tv, grumbled, tried to write and couldn’t, tried to edit and couldn’t, tried to sub a flash piece that i’ve been fiddling with for a while and couldn’t be bothered, tried to read and got frustrated.

After dinner i finally did get into go-mode for a wee bit and got something else ready and subbed to this market: Fried Fiction.

They’re a place for old-fashioned serials, y’know, the ones where you write them as you go, not the typical serials we have today where you gotta have a finished novel or novella before you can think about serializing. I’ve been looking for a place that does old-fashioned serials for a while because i’d love to have a project or two like that to keep me motivated. Y’know, the possibility of people actually reading it and all that. Yeah, could do it on the blog, but i don’t like the feel of that for some reason and i’d have to publicize the thing like crazy, and i’d like to get paid for it. Fried Fiction pays 25 bucks for the first installment (if they accept it) and nothing yet for anything more, so serializing a whole novel with them won’t be all that financially rewarding, but like i say, it’ll keep me motivated. Might pick up a few readers, might be able to direct readers there from my other sales, and i just really like the idea of a serial novel. Course, they gotta buy that first installment ‘fore i can do anything else, don’t they? But see the enthusiasm i have here? It all comes down to that exercise i’m supposed to be talking about.

Anyhoo, i subbed something to them, but still felt mostly ‘bleh.’

Here’s where we get to the exercise. Usually i try to walk an hour every day. Because of being not so well and the weather being lousy i haven’t been walking much the last coupla weeks. Didn’t today, either, but i still got (am getting) some exercise.

It’s been raining torrents here all day. Our house is susceptible to flooding when it rains like that and tonight the garage (the bottom level of the house) began to take on water. So that meant i had to get bailing. Set up some buckets to catch the worst of it and got to bailing the stuff that made it through.

Not the greatest example of exercise, but it’s got my creative juices firing. Suddenly i’m full of ideas for a couple of projects i’ve been poking at with blunt sticks the last few weeks. And i’m no longer thinking how crap my writing is. Good times.

Don’t underestimate the value of exercise to a writer.

Right, better get back to bailing then, hadn’t i? Don’t want the house to be underwater in the morning.


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