Did some writing today, even though that wasn’t part of the plan. 372 words on the new novel idea. I also pulled out an old novella (well, 19,000 words, which is technically a novella) and decided to do some editing and rewriting. Only edited the first 8 pages, but cut 228 words off. At that rate i should get ‘er well down into novelette territory. I reckon i might be able to cut 4 or 5k off on this run-through, which isn’t a bad effort.

I wrote this one about 2 years ago, before i started back into writing for serious. The story’s good, i reckon, just needs some cut and polish and serious lipo.

Anyway, did i get my goals for last week and what’re my goals for this week?

Last weeks goals:

1) Finish editing part 2 of the novel. Fail 2 chapters short on that one, thanks to my ‘hate writing’ Friday.

2) Query 3-5 more agents in regards to the novel i’m currently subbing. Pass Queried three and, strangely, have heard back from all three. Form R’s, all.

3) Finish the first draft of the music-related short i started last week. Fail About 2-3 scenes away from getting that done.

4) Continue exploring the idea i started on yesterday. I can feel the grit of Mars dirt under my nails already. Pass Idea explored further. It might be shaping up into something worth pursuing.

Goals for this week then:

1) Finish editing the novel.

2) Query 3-5 more agents for the other novel.

3) Finish first draft of music short.

4) Continue exploring the Mars (though that’s only an initial setting) idea.

5) Finish edits on that old novella.

Gained momentum last week (until Friday). Hopefully can continue to gain momentum this week. Not so long ago i was writing between 2-4k a day across various projects. The plan is to get back there again soon.


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