New week and all that.

Goals last week? Did i get them?

1) Make a start on a synopsis for the recently completed novel. Fail Thought about it. Briefly.

2) Write 3,000 words on the novel. Pass 3,441 words total.

3) Write something fresh. Doesn’t matter if i don’t go anywhere with it. The important thing is the writing something new. Pass Did this twice, as a matter of fact. One idea has potential; the other may at some time in the future.

Right. What’s the plan this week? I’m definitely going to be out of town during the latter portion of the week, so again, i won’t set too many goals.

1) 3,000 words on the novel.

2) Start synopsis of last novel.

3) Begin edits on the short story i finished week before last. Just a quick edit; nothing too fancy.


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