I think i have a second draft of the short i’ve been working on. The only major changes at this stage have been around the ending, and the usual tightening up of the beginning.

Pulled out another idea i hadn’t worked on for six months or more the other day too. I’d got about one-third of the way into that story and then lost the thread. Not so much that i didn’t know where the story was going, just that i didn’t like how i’d planned getting there.

So, anyway, it still read pretty well, and me brain started conjuring up all sorts of ways to effectively progress the story. Funny thing was, though, as soon as i sat down to write the brainstorms cleared and left me with perfectly cloudless blue skies. Or, in non-weather metaphor speak: bupkis. Perhaps the new ideas need to stew for a few more days before they’re ready to be written.


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