Editing makes me happy.

Got a rejection over the weekend for a short story where an assistant editor (or slush reader, i’m not sure which) said they felt the dialogue bogged down the overall narrative, thus disengaging them from the piece. I read that a couple of times and took it to mean they felt some of the dialogue wasn’t necessary, so today i’ve gone through with my shears looking to condense and remove extraneous speech. And, lo and behold, i cut 566 words from the piece. Good times.

Also did a bit more work on the short-in-progress. Added words to this one. A whole 36 of them. Still haven’t come up with a title for it yet. Usually i have a title before i have the story, but not this time. And i don’t have all that many ideas currently, either.

I really should get back into my novel. Keep thinking about it, but the motivation just isn’t there. I’ll have to force myself. I’m sure once i get rolling again i’ll be fine.


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