Got paid for the poem i sold to Basement Stories a couple days ago. So i guess that makes the sale 110% official. Issue #1, complete with my poem Dust Particles, hits the internet in July.

What with the new job started (yes, i have a new job; it involves, among other things, sitting in an office) and other general busy-ness, i haven’t written much since the last update.

I have decided to pursue something interesting (to me), however. Half-completed manuscript from 10 years ago, put aside at the time because i didn’t have the skill or experience to continue (and also because i didn’t realize that getting the jitters halfway through a draft is normal for many writers and the best way through it is to push on). The idea is fun and my skill level, both mechanically and story-wise, has improved by at least 500% since then, so i’ve decided to revisit. Unfortunately the 40-page outline, complete with maps and diagrams, has gone walkabouts in the last decade, but unfortunate doesn’t necessarily equate to bad because i remember the gist and will probably go in a different direction anyhow.

There’s also a short story idea that recently my subconscious has been pricking my conscious with. Perhaps i’ll start fiddling with that too. *grins like a over-excited clown and skips off*


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