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Website is alive!
June 7, 2010

*cue maniacal laughter and partial hand clenching*

Yes: is alive. Mostly. Just need to get the contact page sorted out, but other than that, it’s a-go.

I’ve integrated both of these blogs into the website. Partially integrated. The new blogs are brand new, and i’ve sent over a couple or three posts from each of these ones to give them some meat to start off.

So, from now on i won’t be posting on these pretty shores, but on the newly discovered asteroid belt that is

See y’all there!


website approaching
June 1, 2010

Soon, i shall have my very own website. Have domain name, and hosting, so all that’s left is to build the durn thing.

Once it’s built activity here will cease and this blog will either be redirected to the site, or big, flashing links will be posted here.

The site is:

Chur chur!

November 23, 2009

Quiet day today, really.

Edited the first 2 chapters of the novel (not the one i’m currently querying to agents). This novel is fairly mainstream. Figure it’ll take me the rest of this week and most of next week to finish off the edits. Am going slower with this novel, just to see if i’m any less tired at the end of the editing process than i was with the last one.

Tomorrow the plan is to edit two more chapters and hit a novella i’ve been writing, on and off, for the last eighteen months. Have a few more details to throw into the plot, which’ll hopefully iron out some things that were holding me back.