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June 2, 2010

Crossed Genres is having a flash fiction contest (upper limit 500 words) and i just finished a 340 word piece, so guess what? I’ve subbed it.

It’s nice to sub something new again.


May 27, 2010

Got paid for the poem i sold to Basement Stories a couple days ago. So i guess that makes the sale 110% official. Issue #1, complete with my poem Dust Particles, hits the internet in July.

What with the new job started (yes, i have a new job; it involves, among other things, sitting in an office) and other general busy-ness, i haven’t written much since the last update.

I have decided to pursue something interesting (to me), however. Half-completed manuscript from 10 years ago, put aside at the time because i didn’t have the skill or experience to continue (and also because i didn’t realize that getting the jitters halfway through a draft is normal for many writers and the best way through it is to push on). The idea is fun and my skill level, both mechanically and story-wise, has improved by at least 500% since then, so i’ve decided to revisit. Unfortunately the 40-page outline, complete with maps and diagrams, has gone walkabouts in the last decade, but unfortunate doesn’t necessarily equate to bad because i remember the gist and will probably go in a different direction anyhow.

There’s also a short story idea that recently my subconscious has been pricking my conscious with. Perhaps i’ll start fiddling with that too. *grins like a over-excited clown and skips off*

April 27, 2010

Brand New Story Submission Fever Excitement Good Times!

Or, in normal speak: i subbed a new short story tonight. GLEE!

Which is to say, when the first rejection comes back i’ll probably read over the story and slap myself and say, ‘what the hell was i thinking, sending it out dressed like that?’ 😀

Haven’t done much other writing the last week or so. Some jottings here and there, but nothing consistent.

April 12, 2010

Got 3 short story rejections over the weekend. For one of those i did a fair amount of trimming before sending it back out. Well, let’s be precise. 286 words. All three of those shorts went back out today, but i tells ya, the submission process takes time, even in our electronically driven world.

Also ran over my brand new short story. Trimming, rearranging. Now i have to force myself to let it sit for a week or two before looking at it again.

Didn’t get near the novel today. Tomorrow afternoon i hope to finish skimming through what i have so far and maybe even write some fresh stuff. On Friday, or was it Saturday, i edited the first 71 pages. It’s not too bad. But i could be a wee bit biased, couldn’t i?

April 7, 2010

Added 380 words to a short story today. One that i’d got a rejection back for and the editor said they thought it could use a bit more elaboration in the plot. This is a story where the first draft stood at over 7,500 words and i cut it down to just over 5,200. Perhaps i cut a bit too much out.

April 6, 2010

Editing makes me happy.

Got a rejection over the weekend for a short story where an assistant editor (or slush reader, i’m not sure which) said they felt the dialogue bogged down the overall narrative, thus disengaging them from the piece. I read that a couple of times and took it to mean they felt some of the dialogue wasn’t necessary, so today i’ve gone through with my shears looking to condense and remove extraneous speech. And, lo and behold, i cut 566 words from the piece. Good times.

Also did a bit more work on the short-in-progress. Added words to this one. A whole 36 of them. Still haven’t come up with a title for it yet. Usually i have a title before i have the story, but not this time. And i don’t have all that many ideas currently, either.

I really should get back into my novel. Keep thinking about it, but the motivation just isn’t there. I’ll have to force myself. I’m sure once i get rolling again i’ll be fine.

March 31, 2010

I think i have a second draft of the short i’ve been working on. The only major changes at this stage have been around the ending, and the usual tightening up of the beginning.

Pulled out another idea i hadn’t worked on for six months or more the other day too. I’d got about one-third of the way into that story and then lost the thread. Not so much that i didn’t know where the story was going, just that i didn’t like how i’d planned getting there.

So, anyway, it still read pretty well, and me brain started conjuring up all sorts of ways to effectively progress the story. Funny thing was, though, as soon as i sat down to write the brainstorms cleared and left me with perfectly cloudless blue skies. Or, in non-weather metaphor speak: bupkis. Perhaps the new ideas need to stew for a few more days before they’re ready to be written.

March 22, 2010

First edit of the short story draft i completed at the end of last week. 433 words cut, and some stuff rewritten. I think the basic plot can stay, though. Perhaps i’ll need to add a paragraph or two near the beginning to set up the second half, but i’m not totally sure i need to just yet.

Now to let it sit for a week or two.

March 18, 2010

First draft of a short story finished. I’ve got that tingly ‘just finished something’ feeling right now. Hopefully the story still looks as good when i come back to it in a few days. It’s currently at 3,765 words.

March 15, 2010

Wow, haven’t updated here in a while.

Perhaps because i haven’t been writing creatively quite as much–dribs and drabs rather than oceans and rivers. Busy looking for work and trying to keep up with my tiny freelancing gigs.

The current novel sits somewhere around 35K. I’ve trunked the novel i’ve been querying for now, and am still not sure i like the second one enough to want to sell it. Have a couple short stories in progress.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard my news: SFReader 2009 Story Contest. 120 entrants this year, i think, so second isn’t too bad. The story should be up on their site within a couple weeks.

Well, s’pose i better get writing, then. Later days, all, and catch up soon.